Mobile Tuesday Is Your Last Chance For Savings

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Here we are, less than 24 hours away from the first official Mobile Tuesday. If you were brave enough to hit the mall this weekend for Black Friday or the extended Black Weekend, some items may have slipped through the cracks. If you have been deeply committed to shopping for deals enough to be browsing for those items on Cyber Monday, there is a good chance you will be coming up short or simply not finding a price to your liking. Chances are, as each milestone floats on by, you are getting increasingly interested in the specifics of Mobile Tuesday. The best way to be prepared to find out which Cyber Monday deals buy kamagra online or Black Friday sales have been extended or bested for Mobile Tuesday, is to simply have your smartphone charged and your eyes and browsers wide open. This is your chance to make that device Read More

Skip Black Friday and Enjoy Thanksgiving

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This week is Thanksgiving, a great time to sit down with loved ones and size up exactly what the perfect gift for them might just be this year. Rather than camping out in front of the nearest big box store, freezing and not enjoying warm pumpkin pie, why not enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and the confidence that you will be able to match all of those 2012 Black Friday sales with the Mobile Tuesday sales coming up on November 27th. Why not pepper your nephews with questions about their favorite video games to get an idea of which games to search for on retail websites via your phone? Or find out what kind of clothes your niece is into this year, since it is sure to have changed since last Christmas. Thanksgiving is about spending time with family, getting to know each other, and being thankful for what you are surrounded Read More

Pinterest Offers Great Gift Ideas

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Many of us have trouble figuring out what to get everyone on our holiday shopping list year to year. Gift giving is a skill and not everyone is an expert at it. You might find yourself wandering the mall, searching for the best 2012 Black Friday sales for hours to no avail. With Mobile Tuesday now part of the equation, though, you do not have to fret. Social media has offered new guidance on how best to shop for people you love. Pinterest, for instance, offers bulletin boards of things other people are interested in or want to buy. The added bonus is each item likely has a link that can lead you to a site to purchase the item. Using Pinterest for ideas will help you buy more unique gifts than ever before. Some might fear that if you are using Pinterest to guide your shopping, you risk missing Black Read More

No More Excuses for Last Minute Shopping

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The rush for holiday shopping in the days just before Christmas or Hanukkah is unduly stressful. Why is it the norm for so many of us? Instead of finding those stellar early deals available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we find ourselves shoulder to shoulder with irresponsible shoppers being gouged for extra money at the last minute. With this year’s new push for Mobile Tuesday sales from some of the biggest retailers, you can no longer say purchasing gifts early was an inconvenience. Instead, you will be the smart one who did all of his or her shopping conveniently from your smartphone, and with no lines and no hassle! The opportunity to shop from one’s phone has made commerce into something you can do on the bus or during the commercial break of your favorite television show. Mobile Tuesday looks to expand that convenience by adding many of 2012′s best Read More

Black Friday Has Become Dangerous

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Over the past several years rushing for those great Black Friday sales has become increasingly dangerous. It is not simply an issue of traversing sleeping outside of stores in cold and dangerous conditions. It is not about theft on those lines. It is mostly about the dangers of actually entering the stores with throngs of over excited fellow shoppers. Each and every year, seemingly more every time, people are trampled. It is sad and unnecessary. As these events have become more dangerous there have been expanded sales on Cyber Monday. Being able to safely make your purchases from your home is a particularly inviting prospect given how troublesome those 2012 Black Friday sales might just become. We have a new better way of avoiding the dangers of Black Friday and the slow connection speeds of Cyber Monday. Mobile Tuesday is offering you one more chance at those big deals right Read More

What Does a QR Scanner Offer?

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The first, and really only step, to participating in Mobile Tuesday is downloading a scanner for your mobile device. For most iPhones and latest-generation smartphones, this is a must-have app. Not only will it unlock the expanded 2012 Black Friday sales on Mobile Tuesday, it will also make your smartphone into a far more dynamic device. Those QR codes you see everywhere, from movie posters to bus stops, are not going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, they are being utilized to engage consumers in new and innovative ways, offering specialized services and unique deals that were heretofore impossible to imagine. Each time you scan one, you are likely to unlock a coupon or some sort of practical expansion of services. The New York City MTA, for example, is using these codes to inform passengers of the exact location of buses at a given moment. Of course for our purposes, these devices Read More

Mobile Tuesday Holiday Giveaway Winners Circle

October 19, 2012 by admin - Leave a Comment will be giving away great prizes and gift cards through the end of November. Winners will be announced on this page. October 19, 2012: Picture Caption Winners ($25 Amazon Gift Cards) – Melinda Lee & Sai Da

Great Deals, No Hassle

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Holiday shopping seems to get worse ever year. There is a dangerous tone and scary feeling when reporting about Black Friday consumers running and trampling each other. It seems that no matter what the best Black Friday deals in 2012 are, there will be more of this kind of scary activity. This is why so many people participate in Cyber Monday deals instead. Still, those deals are not perfect either. There are a lot of servers that simply cannot take the traffic building up all at once, which is why Mobile Tuesday has been created. Mobile Tuesday is a great way to expand 2012′s best Cyber Monday deals and Black Friday deals just a little further. This offers consumers a shot at getting the most out of their holiday shopping money without stressing and refreshing all day on Monday, or risking their safety right after Thanksgiving dinner. Participating in Mobile Read More

Mobile Tuesday Holiday Giveaway

October 15, 2012 by admin - Leave a Comment is giving away an amazing Holiday gift. Enter now to win either a Nikon D3100 Digital Slr Camera Kit or The Brand New Kindle Fire. Winner gets to choose their prize. All you have to do is Like Mobile Tuesday on Facebook and enter your email address. Contest Can be seen on: Contests Super-Sweeps CashNet Sweepstakes The Black Cell Sweepstakes Lovers Sweepstakes Depot The Sweepstakes Wire™

QR Codes For The Best Deals

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We live in an amazing age don’t we? Not only are there a wide array of exciting new gadgets to play with coming to market each and every day, there is also a lot of exciting new ways to have access to those gadgets. QR codes have opened up a whole new avenue for finding the best deals around, both in stores and online. Scanning the QR code on the Mobile Tuesday website’s “All Deals” section can offer you huge savings, even better in many cases than the best Black Friday deals. This is all part of businesses as a whole pushing for a new day of extremely high activity in advance of the holiday shopping deluge. To get the day off the ground retailers are offering unprecedented deals to people who choose to shop on their phones. Finding a new point of sale can be a huge boon to businesses everywhere Read More

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